Well, you can try capturing the photos, get pleased with how your new OnePlus 5 beats your old phone in picture quality miserably and can settle bragging about this in front of your friends. Or, you can read through some of these tips we’ve put together to help you get the most out of this amazing new OnePlus smartphone.

No doubt, this is one of the best camera smartphones of this budget segment with all these astonishing camera qualities. OnePlus 5 has been equipped with 3 camera lenses. The 16MP Sony IMX 371 has been fixed as the selfie camera with f/2.0 aperture, electronic image stabilisation and fixed focus, while 16MP Sony IMX 398 at the rear of wide angle f/1.7 aperture lens with 20MP Sony IMX telephoto lens of f/2.6 aperture. This camera setup is way more capable of delivering than what you’ve been experiencing by that ‘auto’ mode, believe us.

If shooting with the default camera settings is your satisfaction level, then you must know the difference between being a ‘pro’ and settling down as a decent cameraman for your family photos, is just two taps away.

No wonder why it’s manual mode is known as the ‘PRO’ mode. It offers an extensive scale of advanced features which can be customised just exactly as per the requirement of surroundings and the desired output.

It provides 3×3 photo grid option which would certainly enhance your photography skills by letting you place and capture your object, where the lines of grid intersect. You can enable the horizon reference line for giving a life to your photos as it helps to keep the horizon straight.

Alterations with exposure, shutter speed, white balance, ISO etc. can give some really stunning results and a few more moments to boast about your skills.

Here’s How The White Balance Changes The Warmth:


Here’s What Changing The ISO Does:


Here’s What Changing The Shutterspeed Does:


Changing The Exposure Gives These Results:

If you face brightness level complications while editing your images then, Histogram is surely the help you needed. It’ll help you adjust the balance right there, in the camera application while shooting.

The settings that would be often used according to you, can be locked in for once, saving your valuable time. As if all this was not enough, the app also allows us to save the image as RAW file which can be further used for editing. Still want to carry your camera and phone together for your next trip?

So now, the magnificent portrait mode, the fair quality zoom, and the impressive macro photography are not your only OnePlus 5 precious possessions that you would show-off. We wish you all the best for your upcoming Facebook photography page and don’t forget to share your photography experience in the comments section.


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