• Rovo89 released the Xposed Framework to churn up the power of Nougat
  • They will soon launch the Xposed Framework for Oreo
  • Ample of features are offered to boost your Android Nougat device

The Xposed Framework for dated Android 7.0 and 7.1, Nougat has finally been released after more than a year of its launch. The major changes in Android Nougat app’s runtime than the previous Android versions are said to be the reasons behind the delay.

Basically, Xposed Framework is a system that offers ample of customization along with the enhancing it processing capabilities. The Xposed Framework is an application that extends the capabilities of the particular Android device. But the thing is the user need to root its devices first in order to install this application.

xposed Framework

Some users go for customization by using custom ROMs and other things to boost the performance of their device. But from Xposed Framework, you do not need to do customization on your device, because Xposed will do all the heavy duty for you.

The Xposed Framework helps to run the apps on their best capabilities and allows the user to make tweaks as well. It also allows the user to make customization like displaying the desired name instead of time, status bar color change and lot more. While some module of Xposed offers the feature to change the look and behavior including the CPU performance, effective pixel density of your display according to the applications along with quick settings features.

The developer of Xposed, rovo89 released the update 3.1.2 today and stated that stated: “Nougat’s JIT (Just-in-Time) compiler drastically changed how Android’s Java runtime worked. Since Xposed directly interacts with Android’s runtime to modify apps, the framework had to be rewritten to fully work on Nougat. And as with many Android customization projects, from custom ROMs to root apps, the framework was being developed in rovo89’s spare time.”

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For those who have switched to the latest Android 8.0 Oreo, Rovo89 is working on Xposed for new operating system. It is also expected that it will introduce soon as the Google did not make major changes in the code of 8.0 Oreo. So let’s check how this new Xposed platform can transform your device.


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