• Patent filed by Apple hints of foldable iPhone
  • Micro-LEDs will potentially be used in placed of OLED and AMOLED screens
  • Apple working with LG to come up with foldable display

ZTE launched a foldable smartphone, ZTE Axon M featuring dual 5.5-inch display. The two displays of the phone are joint together to work simultaneously that fold from the place of joining. If you wish to buy a foldable phone you can opt for Axon M but with reports of big players in the smartphone industry ready to come up with their bendable smartphone it is worth waiting for some more time.

Samsung is reportedly working on a foldable smartphone. The company unveiled a bendable display a couple of years back and is reported to come with its first foldable smartphone, Galaxy X next year. And now, Apple has been reported to be working on its own foldable smartphone. The report said that the mysterious new foldable iPhone will debut in 2020.

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As we all know Samsung designed AMOLED bezel-less display for the Apple iPhone X and was reported to be earning more from the sale of a single unit of the phone that Apple itself. Reason being, Apple the has partnered with LG to design the display of foldable iPhone instead of Samsung.

In a new report, Apple has allegedly filed a patent that describes an Electronic Device With Flexible Displays. The patent was filed by Apple on September 22, 2016. The patent application reveals that the foldable iPhone will have an all screen design that would bend around a specified axis. The device could bend in order to bring the two screen to face each other or away from each other. The potential display technology to be used in such a device are micro-LEDs replaced from LCD, OLED or AMOLED display.

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However, we cannot be sure that the technology mentioned in the patent will be coming to an actual Apple device. There were reports ahead the launch of iPhone X that Apple will be coming up with an under-display fingerprint sensor, but later failed to implement the technology and is not expected in future Apple devices any soon. Until then, wait for Samsung to unveil its own foldable smartphone, Galaxy X.


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