• This feature to be introduced in most of Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia
  • Businesses with WhatsApp Number can add on Facebook WhatsApp 'send message' buttons
  • The step will improve business communication

Facebook is not taking a break from utilizing its deal of buying WhatsApp and Instagram. Whether it is Instagram click-to-Messenger ads or click-to-Messenger button introduced on Facebook Ads, this American Social networking service is ready to initiate new steps to keep the users glued to it. This time yet again Facebook has come up with an innovative idea of introducing click-to-WhatsApp button on its networking platform, thereby giving advertisers a chance to get in touch with the one billion users of WhatsApp.


TechCrunch on Thursday confirmed this news officially that the Facebook is unveiling a new feature on its platform. This unique feature will let the advertisers to woo more customers at one point of time. Interestingly, in October of this year, WhatsApp business app was introduced to make it easier for the enterprises to communicate with their customers.

Definitely, this step will be another way of making the social networking sites more business oriented. Now, the users can enjoy more options and businessmen can get effortlessly connected to their customers and can easily execute other works such as setting up a business meeting or explain their products to the users. Now, at one point of time advertisers can advertise their products to 2.1 billion users of Facebook with one billion users of WhatsApp.

How to Use the Feature?


Even the process of using this feature is not difficult. The users with WhatsApp business number just need to add the ‘send message’ buttons with the logo of the WhatsApp logo to their advertisement displayed on Facebook. These advertisements will be seen by those customers who have installed WhatsApp on their devices.

Strikingly, this feature has been introduced in most of Asia, Australia, North and South America and Africa other than Europe. This missing was even noted by TechCrunch and was attributed to the factor related to European Union regulators of WhatsApp and Facebook data sharing. Let us see how this step is received by the users.


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