• UIDAI Chairman has earlier pointed out benefits of Aadhaar for social media account verification
  • Will help in recognising fake accounts
  • Will result in more credible accounts

Remember the days when a few years after getting you Aadhaar card you were told that it will not be valid anymore. We felt fooled but then came Reliance Jio which introduced the e-KYC verification and brought the Aadhaar card as a mainstream verification identity in the market. After which not only bank but also telecom companies and various other organizations also started accepting Aadhar verifications.

Now, it seems Aadhaar verifications is making its way to the social media as well. Weird isn’t it? But it is true. Social media giant Facebook may ask you to link your Aadhaar card to your account. It may be noted that it is not confirmed yet but it has been reported by Gadgets To Use that Facebook is prompting new users to enter their name as on their Aadhaar cards.


The incident was first reported by a Reddit user who was trying to Sign up on Facebook. The UID is becoming necessary in almost every aspect of our day to day life so there is a possibility that it can be introduced to our social media accounts as well.

The prompting does not appear at all time but appears on random attempts, as reported by the users. However, we are not sure if Facebook will use Aadhaar verification to get rid of fake profiles but it may also come true.

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UIDAI Chairman Nandan Nilekani once said, “UID can be an easy way for verifying one’s Twitter and Facebook account. This implies that anyone (not just celebrities) will be able to get verified accounts, with their UID credentials. It can similarly be used for other online accounts where one needs to verify his/her identity.”

Linking Aadhaar card for verifying social media accounts can be good in pointing out the fake profiles.


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