• Codenamed as “crosshatch”, “albacore” and “blueline”
  • Google may launch three pixel devices next year to take on three iPhones
  • May also be names of devices scrapped by Google

It is just a few days back that Google launched its flagship devices, Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, but the search giant has faced heavy scrutiny for the display issue that surfaced the internet recently. Also, questions regarding the built quality of both the devices have also been raised. But, even when the phones are just out the California based firm has taken us by a surprise as there are reports that it might be working on next generation of Pixel devices already. A report from Droid Life suggests that codename of those devices may have been leaked.

Google Pixel 2

The surprise you even further, Google is rumoured to be working on three Pixel devices to launch next year. The codename of these devices are rumoured to be “crosshatch”, “albacore” and “blueline”. Two of these devices are said to be premium one while the third one is rumored to be the high-end device. The speculations were made earlier this year the Google’s next year’s device is codenamed “crosshatch”, which has now been confirmed by the Droid Life.


An AOSP comment popped up recently containing the term crosshatch and the way the term has been used suggests that it is device codename. Several other terms are also used frequently like “sailfish” and “marlin” in different listings that popped up earlier. These listings have same naming convention, and as you can remember sailfish and marlin are code-names for Google Pixel and Pixel Xl.

Listings also contain a device codenamed as “wahoo” but there is no information about the device. “Wahoo” is speculated to be the leftover of this year’s line and will not be a part of Pixel’s 2018 lineup.

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3 days ago

Earlier leaks have revealed three codenames of Google Pixel devices each year, so it is not sure that it will launch three device in 2018. But, there are whispers in the corridor that it may launch three device next year in direct competition to all the three Apple iPhones. We do not want you to get your hopes up yet and it is recommended to take the information with a pinch of salt.

The information is way too scarce to come to any decision. It could the next generation of devices that Google is working on or it could the leftover devices that Google scrapped. Do tell us that you think of three pixel devices for next year launch in the comment section below and we will keep you updated with any information that surfaces regarding these devices.


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