• Almost all leaks confirm bezel-less design
  • Strong possibility of a vertically placed dual camera setup
  • The device is expected to house 3GB RAM

We are only a few weeks aways from the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, and there not many surprises left about the Apple’s anniversary special device, iPhone 8, except the price.

There are numerous leaks and renders of the iPhone 8 on the internet, some calling it ‘iPhone Edition’ some ‘iPhone X and will be Apple’s first device to feature bezel-less display, wireless charging technology, and an unusual vertical dual camera on the rear. There are speculations that Apple will launch so-called anniversary device alongside the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

In case you are wondering what all has been revealed by the leaks and renders about the iPhone 8, read on us as we guide you through all the information we know about the device so far.

Release date (speculated)

According to the reports, the iPhone 8 will be unveiled by on September 12. However, there are other reports which claim that it might not be available to until the fourth quarter of 2017, while some suggest that the iPhone is not expected to arrive until 2018.

Price (speculated)

The price of highest specification model of the new iPhone 8 is claimed to be around $1000. There other reports that suggest that the eye-candy by the Apple may cost you huge amount ranging between $1,100 to $1,200, with speculations of Apple launching two internal storage variants of 128GB and 256GB.

Specifications (speculated)

  • 5.8-inch OLED Bezel-less display
  • Wireless charging
  • Apple A11 chipset
  • Vertical dual camera setup on the rear
  • Face-scanning technology
  • Latest news (leaks and rumours)

26/8/17: A report by the Japanese website Macotara suggested that Apple might have chosen 7.5W Qi wireless charging standard, which is expected to be slower than that of Qi 1.2 standards, which are being used by other manufacturers on their flagship devices.

25/8/17: If you are planning to buy iPhone 8, then you should know that the device is rumoured to cost an eye-watering $999. This will the price of the premium model, but this is not certain, as there is no official information provided by the company, but it may add some extra dollars to the cost at the actual launch.

24/8/17: According to a report by Mac4Ever, the Apple will unveil the iPhone 8 on September 12. A separate report by a Weibo user claims that the device will be made available in 512GB inter memory variant and will pack 3GB RAM.

23/8/17: The Korena Herald reported that the biggest standout feature of the iPhone 8 will be its much-rumoured facial recognition system. The report further claims that the technology will work in “just a few hundred milliseconds” and that it is going to replace the Apple’s Touch ID sensor. It also adds that adding 3D sensors is will be adopted both on the front and rear to “realise AR applications that integrate 3D virtual images with user’s environment in real time”.

22/8/17: A new leak shows alleged iPhone 8 parts that include flexing cable for power transfer, some internal components and its display assembly, which seems to confirm the speculated complete bezel-less display with a slight bezel at the top to accommodate front camera and earpiece.

21/8/17: John Gruber took it to twitter that the much-rumoured wireless charging feature if the iPhone 8 will require an additional accessory in order to work. Other images on Chinese Social Media leaks claim that the company is working on a wireless charging pad to launch along with iPhone 8. However, there are reports that the feature may not be available out of the box, but it could instead arrive with iOS 11.1 update.

17/8/17: A rumour claimed that the Apple will ditch the TouchID on the new flagship device from the much-rumoured facial recognition system. The reports suggest the company will get rid of the planned fingerprint sensor embedded under the glass of the screen is because of the problems with its controller chip.

15/8/17: A video surfaced the internet showing assembling of what looks like an iPhone 8 in a Foxconn plant. The video, with a duration of 10 seconds, does not give much information about the design of the device but do confirm that it will house a vertical rear dual camera setup.

14/8/17: According to a post on Weibo via so-called Foxconn Insider, the ‘copper’ coloured iPhone 8 is expected to launch as the new ‘Blush Gold’, replacing the Apple’s current ‘Rose Gold’.

The same report suggested that the iPhone 8 will be available with 64GB or 128GB of internal storage.

10/8/17: A report claimed that the iPhone 8 will be able to know that you are looking at it, and will mute notifications when you are doing so. Further reports claim that the iPhone 8’s virtual button will be resizable and can be hidden at the user’s command.

9/8/17: The latest update from the Apple Insider claimed that device will be made available in ‘limited quantities’ and only two to four million units will be produced this quarter. Also, the handset is expected to support super fast charging via Lightning-to-USB-Type-C accessory and notes that the handset will be made available in three colour variants – Black, Siler and Gold. Further rumours suggest that the handset will be launched in the month of September.

8/8/17: Popular tipster Evan Blass releases new image of the iPhone 8 showing the device in a third-party protective case. The image showcases the iPhone 8’s almost bezel-less display, with a little notch at the top to accommodate front camera and earpiece.

iPhone 8

7/8/17: A new shaky image on the Weibo show three separate models of the iPhone: one white, one in black and another in a new ‘champagne gold’ colour, which is said to be closer to ‘copper’. The image does not give any much information, but what it do confirm is the presence of a vertical dual camera setup and all-new glass design.

7/8/17: Few more details regarding the much-speculated ‘Facial recognition’ feature surface online. The report suggests that the unlocking of the device using facial recognition can be done even when the device is resting, or flat, which means that the device is not required to be picked up, but it will unlock by just gawping at it.

3/8/17: The iPhone 8’s much anticipated ‘Face ID’ is expected to be used for more than just unlocking the device. According to the new rumours surfacing the internet, the company may use the Face ID technology for Apple Pay authentication. The report adds weight to the rumors suggesting that Touch ID could be dumped altogether.


iPhone 8

In a separate report, Apple is expected to introduce new ‘SmartCam’ feature to iPhone 8’s camera for scene selection. The feature will be able to intelligently capture best photos while shooting specific scenes including sun rises and fireworks.

2/8/17: Tim Cook, during firm;’s Q3 earnings call, seemed to debunk the speculation of delayed launch of iPhone 8 by saying that Apple is expecting bumper revenue of between $ 49bn-52bn for the next quarter. The statement itself tells that the company is planning to launch its new flagship device in September.

3/8/17: The firm accidentally confirmed the iPhone 8’s facial recognition feature for unlocking the device. Reports have it that the early software of its HomePod speaker, reveals support for face unlock inside the BioMetricKit, giving weight to rumours that the users will be able to unlock the device nu just looking at it. The reports also claim that the code confirmed the complete bezel-less design of the iPhone 8 with a little notch at the top and no physical home button.

27/7/17: A report brings a heartbreaking news of potential delays and shortages that the iPhone 8 will face. The report also claims that there will be very few colour options and the company may ditch the white colour variant of the handset.

28/7/17: A report by the Apple Insider, claims that the full production of the smartphones will not begin until September end, which is claimed to be due to the Touch ID issue. The report further claims that the firm will produce only 25 million units of the iPhone 8 in September and another 60 million in the holiday quarter.

24/7/17: Listings by Forbes claim that the smartphone will feature improved battery life, which is due to the L-shaped battery configuration. It is said to be better than that of iPhone 7 Plus but in a smaller chassis. The report also claims that the handset will come in 128GB and 256GB memory variant and prices will start from $1,100 to $1,200.

21/7/17: Apple analyst Rod Hall said that the Apple’s 10th anniversary will see the launch of ‘iPhone Pro’, and said that it will initially be available in limited quantities from September itself, putting an end to speculations of delay. He also claims that around 2 million handsets will go on sale from September.

19/7/17: The speculations of iPhone 8 arriving later than expected have gained a slight more weight, as a new report suggests that Apple will unveil the smartphone in October. The same report also claims that the firm will unveil the successor if iPhone 5SE in August.

17/7/17: The new report from Forbes revealed ‘final design’ for Apple’s new flagship device. The reports claim the iPhone 8 is expected to feature long-anticipated and rumoured bezel-less design, a 5.8-inch display and a vertical dual rear camera setup. The home button on iPhone 87 is expected to be twice as bigger as that of iPhone 7, giving weight to the rumours that Apple could copy its rival Sony by integrating Touch ID into the switch.

14/7/17: The iPhone 8 is speculated to feature a 3D laser system to make for better AR functionality. As per reports by Fast Company, the rear facing laser enabling depth detection for AR supporting apps and a more accurate autofocus for photography.

12/7/17: As per a report at Fast Company, the firm is struggling with the issues related to the wireless charging feature and 3D sensor, previously rumoured to replace the TouchID on the September 12. The iPhone may face a delay in production and delays if issues are not ironed out by the company soon.

10/7/17: John Gruber claims that the iPhone 8 may not come with wireless charging facility at the time of its launch. The feature won’t be supported by the smartphone out of the box and will require a separate accessory, instead. A separate report claims that the iPhone 8 will have a mirror-like finish and will be available in four colours.

5/7/17: An alleged retail packaging image for the iPhone surfaced on the internet, thanks to Weibo. The image shows a vertically mounted dual camera setup on the rear instead of a horizontal one, which can be seen on the company’s recent flagship device iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 8

4/7/17: Adding fuel to the rumours of Apple dumping the Touch ID in its new upcoming device, Bloomberg reported that the company is currently testing a new improved security system allowing users to unlock, authenticate payments and lunch secure apps by merely gawping at the device. The report claims that the new system will be powered by a new 3D sensor. It will scan the face and unlock the device and is expected to replace the current Touch ID system.

3/7/17: Reports of iPhone 8 housing a 5.2-inch display with no Touch ID sensor have surfaced online. The report further claimed that the Touch ID likely faced issues preventing it to be equipped in the upcoming handset with a screen-embedded Touch ID sensor. However, the iPhone 8’s front camera will feature face recognition, claimed the report.

3/7/17: Another leak confirms that the new device will not feature the home button. The image of a leaked screen bracket appears on the internet, which allegedly shows the front of the iPhone 8. If the speculations are to be believed, there will be no home button in the new flagship device from the Apple, instead, the Touch ID sensor will be embedded into the display.

29/6/17: A 3D CAD drawings video by OnLeaks shows off the upcoming iPhone 8 from all angles. The video showcases the design that matches up to the previous rumours which include a bezel-less display, glossy design, and dual vertically mounted rear camera lenses. The video shows that there is no physical home button, hinting a display-embedded Touch ID sensor in the iPhone 8.

26/6/17: An image posted by OnLeaks once again suggest iPhone 8’s bezel-less display, glossy design and dual rear camera mounted vertically. The image does not show any physical home button, which hints of a Touch ID embedded into the display.

21/6/17: A video has been spotted online of the iPhone 8 dummy model. The model shows off the bezel-less display next to an iPhone 7 Plus. The dummy in the video appears same as seen in earlier leaks, which includes its full-screen design, vertical cameras and missing and vertically placed dual cameras.

19/6/17: A UK-based retailer has been reported to be selling accessories for the iPhone 8. A tempered glass screen protector which is available at the store suggests that the new device will feature a curved display. The image that surfaced of the glass screen protector houses a bezel-less display and a missing physical home button. It also hints of a screen embedded Touch ID.


15/6/17: One of the companies putting together the next iPhone, Wistron reportedly confirmed that the new iPhone will be the first to feature wireless charging.

14/6/17: A report claims that the production of speculated iPhone 8 or ‘iPhone X’ is on schedule with limited stock launch in September. The same report also claims about 13 million units will be made available in September.

13/6/17: The front and back panels of Apple’s new upcoming device surfaced online. As per the reports, the so-called iPhone 8 is expected to house a bezel-less front design, while there will be a full glass rather the usual aluminium build. The iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus are also tipped to sport an all-glass design and built-in wireless charging support.

12/6/17: Another report regarding the iPhone 8 suggests that the device will not offer gigabit LTE speeds. The report also claims that the Apple is eyeing to both Qualcomm and Intel for the supply of cellular modems for the next-gen iPhones.

7/6/17: A report by the iDropNews surfaces a render of the iPhone 8 claiming it be “most realistic”. The render suggests a bezel-less display with a small notch at the top which will house front facing camera and speakers. The similar report also claims that there will be a under-display fingerprint sensor, in-built wireless charging support and 3D dual camera lens on the front for facial and iris recognition system.

8/6/17: A report claims that Apple is in preparations for the launch of iPhone 8, and is reported to have ordered around 80-million flexible OLED displays from Samsung. Further insight in the report claims that the smartphone will not feature Galaxy S8’s curved display, but the entire front body of the device will be covered with screen.

6/6/17: Apple announced the new iOS 11 at WWDC, giving us a hint about the upcoming its flagship device.


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