• iPhone X will ship later after the standards models
  • The delay could be due to manufacturing issues and supply setbacks
  • The latest OLED displays are costing around USD 120/unit.

As we all know, there are only a few days left for Apple’s big launch event on September 12 where it is going to launch a series of iPhones, the iPhone X along with iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Another report revealed that pre-bookings of all the three devices will start from September 15.

However, according to American online publisher TechCrunch, the high-end iPhone X will not ship with the other two other models and is expected to ship at a later time. Apple is predicted to start taking pre-orders for all its smartphones by September 15. But for those who are planning to book the iPhone X, it is possible that the device might not be shipped until December. The other two iPhones – 8 and 8 Plus are expected to ship as planned i.e by September 22.

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There were several reports suggesting that Apple has been facing some production issues and supply setbacks causing the delay. Today morning, a report from The Wall Street Journal claimed that due to manufacturing issues, the production of iPhone X is delayed by a month.

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18 days ago

MacRumors predicted that the possibility for the delay is because of the latest OLED screens. The report from Wall street journal said, ”The iPhone manufacturing process requires more steps and more layers of an adhesive and protective film than are involved in Samsung’s manufacturing process”. To recall, Apple has placed an order for procuring 70 million OLED displays from Samsung.

Another possible reason for the delay could be Apple’s initial plan of integrating a finger print sensor below the OLED screen.This was later rejected which might have caused further delay in the production. Reports have it that now Apple is planning to add a 3d facial recognition sensor for unlocking the device in place of the fingerprint sensor.

This year Apple is going for OLED displays dumping the old LCDs. The OLED’s are very expensive and the company is paying around USD 120 /unit for the displays which were earlier USD 45-USD 55 for the previous iPhone models with LCDs. This points to the major fact that why iPhone X is predicted to be the most expensive phone till date.


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