• Expected to be of different design with respect to the other OnePlus Smartphones
  • Will have 6-inch larger display and rounded aluminum corners
  • Ready to retain the 3.5mm audio jack

UPDATE: OnePlus Confirmed Launch Of OnePlus 5T In New York On November 16

The OnePlus 5T is just around the corner and will most probably be launched on November 16, the same time OnePlus 3T was launched by OEM last year. The company is back in the news with its plan to roll out its most awaited version OnePlus 5T. Recently, the company shared the image of OnePlus 5T on Facebook, grabbing everyone’s attention. The post carried a question to the users regarding the one feature, which is common to all its phones.

The company has allegedly teased the launch of OnePlus by sharing a new photo in a tweet that says, “Oh, look! It’s five cups of…”. The photo comprises 5 cups with tea bags in them and the caption also to some extent affirms that the new device is going to the OnePlus 5T.

One plus is the BBK Electronics-owned firm that took everyone by surprise in 2014 with its amazing OnePlus One model. As the last OnePlus 5 didn’t get lauded much, hence this time the company is not going to take any chance. Mostly all the later devices of OnePlus were accompanied by a single stereo speaker and a USB Type-C port, which was positioned on the bottom edges.

The only feature that has been retained all these years is the 3.5mm audio jack and it will not be removed from the new device suggests another tweet from Chinese OEM. This is rather a bold move from the company as all the major players are removing the audio jack from their flagship devices.

OnePlus 5T
Photo Credit: Android Central

In comparison to OnePlus 5, its successor OnePlus 5T will be almost identical. The only difference could be seen in the display panel. The former had a 5.5-inch screen, but the latter will be having a 6-inch display. The aspect ratio will also be taller with 18:9 image format and minimal bezels, unlike OnePlus 5 that had 16:9 aspect ratio and regularly sized bezels.

Most probably in the second half of November, the OnePlus 5T will be getting launched. Furthermore, the Chinese company will make sure that just like the previous Android handsets, the OnePlus 5T also get sold exclusively online. It is expected that the product will be launched in two variants. The first one will be much similar to its predecessor OnePlus 5, with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of flash memory. The other premier version will be carrying double memory in comparison to the first one, i.e. 8GB of RAM and will be able to challenge the other counterparts such as Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, Nokia 8, and LG G6.

Other than the eye-catching 6-inch screen, the smartphone will also have the fingerprint sensor. The sensor will be moving to the back, exactly above the logo of OnePlus. You can’t expect wireless charging in this version of OnePlus, as similar to OnePlus 5 it is all metal. The OnePlus 5T will also carry a dual camera setup on the left side.


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