• New video by OnePlus confirms an announcement to be made in Jan 2018
  • Video hints the launch of a new phone
  • Assumptions have it that OnePlus might announce a sandstone version of OnePlus 5T

It is no surprise that OnePlus has always liked to bring out things in an “out of the box” manner, and this time is no different. Just yesterday, OnePlus put up a new video which shows that a lot of people reaching out into a box and are asked to guess what is in there, and everyone has their own assumptions about it. However, speculations have it that it is a new variant of the OnePlus 5T.

A lot of people in the video react that the item is “smooth” but at the same time is also textured. Others say that it has the use of brushed metal, and some say that it has a sand-like feel. By the end, the most common reply has been that the item has a “sandstone” feel.

The name of the video is “What’s in the Box?” Suggesting that OnePlus might be onto launching a new device pretty soon. The video ends with a caption that says “Unbox the mystery in January 2018” and that puts all the doubts in place. The video however, doesn’t give much details and is rather just a public view on it.


The connecting point is that Sandstone was one of the materials that were used for the original devices OnePlus One and OnePlus 2, that was the follow-up device. Hence the idea that the launch of a new device is expected. however, the use of Sandstone material has not been done for the latter devices that were made by the company. But even still, OnePlus sold out the sandstone protective cases for the OnePlus 5T giving away the sort of same experience.

Earlier in December, OnePlus announced the additional edition of the phone that is the StarWars Edition OnePlus 5T which is leading to believe that OnePlus might be prepping up to announce a Sandstone version of the 5T device soon.

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One more thing that should be brought to notice is that other than just the devices made, OnePlus has used sandstone for some other products too, like for the power banks they make.

OnePlus has often brought the spark of launching a new device or the additional version of an existing device, leading to believe that a sandstone version of the OnePlus 5T might be on its way. For watching the video launched by OnePlus, click here https://youtu.be/r6NgimX95Rw


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