• Selfie Focus feature is added in the new update of Galaxy A5/A7
  • Other interesting features are also a part of the new update
  • The updated version is available on the settings menu

Recently, Samsung announced adding the Selfie Focus feature to its Galaxy A5/A7 models. This update is filled with other exciting features as well. If you are using any of these Galaxy models, then you can check the availability of the update by going to the settings menu on your phone and checking the software updates available there. If you have the option to update the software, just tap on that and wait till the software is downloaded.

Galaxy A5

The selfie focus feature is indeed the biggest feature in this update. However, it is not the only feature. In this new update, you will also see that the front camera is now designed with the feature to correct the skin tones and color of the people taking the photo. This feature will ensure that the skin tones of each person in the photo resemble the closest to their original skin tones. This is a manual feature and you must enable this feature first before taking any photos. The selfie focus feature will also enhance and beautify the pictures taken in the front camera.

Another exciting feature that Samsung has introduced in the Galaxy A5 and A7 models is the AR stickers. If you are someone who is fond of the AR stickers advertised on the Google Pixel smartphone, then Samsung has a little surprise for you! In the new update of Galaxy A5 and A7 models, Samsung has added a few AR stickers and stamps. You can use these stickers and stamps while clicking pictures and selfies also.

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These can really jazz up your photos before you share them with someone else. However, these stickers are nowhere similar to the ones that are offered by Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphone versions. But, they are quite interesting and can give you almost similar visual appeals. They are fun to use and can be, therefore, used in your pictures to give them a fun element.

These features provided by the latest update from Samsung make it all the more exciting and entertaining. For all those people who like clicking selfies and sharing them on their social media channels, this update is a huge advantage. If you can’t wait anymore for the update to come automatically on your phone, you can just check if it is available for manual download on your phone.


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