• Microsoft releases preview version of its new desktop software
  • Visuals change like message reactions, in-call emoji
  • This is not the final design, Microsoft has invited feedback

It seems Skype has decided to change its image which has been used as a formal chat application only for interviewing candidates and conducting meetings with clients. In order to cope up with the increasingly informal office setting and target a larger audience, Microsoft has released the Skype’s preview, the changes of which are reflected in the design of desktop version.

Skype's preview

Skype announced the release of a new preview design for PCs and Laptops. The design is focused to emulate the mobile experience, that it redesigned in June. The preview version of Skype features the design elements similar to the mobile version. The difference is that it has been created for computer’s large screen. The preview version of the software is available for download from today in MAC and non-Windows 10 PC users.

Microsoft claims that the new update focuses on enhancing the way you text, talk and experience the world, all from the comfort of your desktop. This would also improve the overall user experience for Skype, which, to be honest, has a rather boring design. The livelier group chats, real-time video and photo sharing, real-time emoji sharing and more make it the ‘most Skype ever’, as Microsoft claims.

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The new notification panel features in the new Skype design, display ‘mentions’ and message reactions. Group calls are even more interactive and interesting as you can now share in-call emoji. The move can prove to be very crucial for Skype at this time as other software applications like Slack, Facebook Messenger, iMessage and Whatsapp are providing a better user experience.

Skype's preview

Skype’s preview is not the final design, however, Microsoft has asked users to submit their feedback so that they fix any bugs or glitches present in the system.

Skype's preview

To recall, Microsoft unveiled the new version of Skype for iOS and Android devices. The mobile app emphasizes on chats, chatbots, camera features and a something similar to Snapchat’s story.

The Skype’s preview comes with several visual changes, with the company stating that it has decided to focus on providing users with the ability to customise the app with their favourite colours and do a lot more on a desktop with Skype.


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