• Beta update Android version is 2.17.443
  • Incorporate new Facebook stickers
  • Allows for group calling and gives better calling experience

According to latest reports, Whatsapp is here with a beta update consisting of exciting new features. The updated version in Android phone is 2.17.443. While in this new update, Whatsapp will incorporate Facebook stickers on the app. The new stickers will be offered in different categories on the chat window of the app. It would be really exciting and amazing to use these Facebook stickers while you chat on Whatsapp. There are some other changes to the app too.

The new version of Whatsapp has removed the tab of “show all contacts”. It could be a bug as Whatsapp still has it listed on its FAQ page. Earlier, the app had confirmed allowing group calls. The group calls are limited to only voice calls for now. However, the new update gives hints about allowing video group calls as well!


But you won’t be able to switch between video and voice calls when you are opting for the group call option. The new update will have a re-designed layout for the GIF list and will also give you an option to manage groups. You can demote and remove people from a group that you are the admin of.

Earlier, Whatsapp had mistakenly given the “Reply Privately” feature in this beta update of the Android app. Using this feature, you can respond to another user in any group without sending the message to others in the group. This feature was, however, removed from the Android app beta version of Whatsapp.

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Whatsapp has never failed to amaze its users with its amazing features and out-of-the-world user experience. Time and again, it comes up with better versions of the app by adding new features and fixing the bugs just to make the experience better. Do let us know how you feel about this new beta version of the Android app.


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