Realme 6i Review

by MD News Desk May 20, 2020

The Good

Good-looking body, splash-resistant
Large screen with excellent contrast
Great for gaming, the Helio G80 is great under 720p screens

The Bad

Low-res screen
No 4K videos, no EIS
Mediocre selfie quality

The Bottom Line

All-time chart-topping battery life

8.3out of 10


  • Display6.5 inches
  • Rear Camera48 MP/8 MP/2 MP/2 MP
  • Front Camera16 MP
  • ProcessorMediatek Helio G80
  • Resolution720 x 1600
  • RAM3GB/4GB
  • Operating SystemAndroid 10
  • Storage64GB/128GB
  • Battery5000 mAh
  • WaterproofYes
  • Dual SimYes
  • Quick ChargingYes


The Realme 6i is an attractive telephone, much the same as the Realmes that preceded it. The producer has been known to make eye-infectious plans, and it has conveyed by and by on probably the least expensive handset to date.

The 6i has a glass front, made of a level Gorilla Glass 3, and an all-plastic back and casing. The completion on the plastic is matte, which is an incredible grasp sponsor, and the telephone has a sense of safety even in independent tasks.

There is an enormous 6.5″ IPS LCD at the front with a bead molded indent to clear a path for the selfie camera. The screen is of essential 720p goals however looks splendid, punchy, and sufficiently sharp, so it ought to be sufficient for the class. What’s more, we value the twofold insurance – Gorilla Glass 3 and an extra defender that is applied in the manufacturing plant.

Inside the score you’ll see the 16MP selfie camera. There are no noticeable sensors around, and the Realme 6i does not have a warning LED. The earpiece is practically unnoticeable over the front camera; it’s very slight and settled inside the screen outline.

The 6i’s back is an incredible sight. The Green Tea form is, well, green like tea, however on account of some shrewd layering of plastic and clean, we get these cool light impacts imitating equal laser shafts. As it’s been said, words generally can’t do a picture justice, so here is one.

The back is for the most part interruption free, regardless of whether it is one mammoth interruption itself. The quad-camera arrangement is bumping around the upper left corner, and the snappers, start to finish, are the 8MP ultrawide, the 48MP essential, the 2MP representation, and the 2MP large scale shooters. The LED streak is outside this group of four.

The unique finger impression peruser is additionally on the back, it is consistently on, quick and precise. Its surface is painted in a similar green tea shading yet comes up short on the lighting impacts.

The plastic casing is additionally green, and its more extended sides are very sharp and grippy. To its left side you’ll see the tri-card space and the volume scratches, the force button is on the right, while the base has everything else – the USB-C port, the sound jack, the mouthpiece and the speaker.

The Realme 6i is as extensive as the Realme 6, yet it includes 9g of weight for a sum of 200g – and the bigger battery is most likely to “fault”.

The Realme 6i has a thin profile and fits well both close by and in a pocket. It is anything but difficult to deal with and work, feels great when taken care of, and looks extraordinary. Generally speaking, the 6i’s structure and construct quality is one more strong employment from Realme.


The Realme 6i has an enormous 6.5″ IPS LCD screen with a waterdrop-molded indent at the top. The goals is somewhat low at 720 x 1,600 pixels. With a thickness of 270ppi – the sharpness on paper isn’t perfect without a doubt, yet at the same time usable for this class and won’t impede perusing or gaming.

The showcase is secured with a Gorilla Glass 3, however there is additionally a plant applied screen defender. You conclude whether to keep it or not.

Fortunately all content is sufficiently sharp and we saw no pixelization at all. Realme has adjusted the UI, and it is streamlined for the 720p goals, and nothing is noticeably foggy similar to the case on the Realme 3 and 5.

The Realme 6’s presentation has a most extreme brilliance of 528 nits – a generally excellent one for a LCD board. The dark levels turned out very profound thus the Realme 6i screen scored a fantastic difference proportion of 1610:1.

For those following our tests intently – the most minimal brilliance we could accomplish on the Realme 6i is 1.9 nits.

The shading rendering is normal – the screen offers precise enough hues, and we estimated a normal DeltaE of 6.1 towards the sRGB shading space. The portrayal of the white and dim hues is colder than it ought to be, and a blue tinge is observable constantly.

On the off chance that you decide on the Warm shading immersion from Settings, the blue tinge is smothered a piece, and the normal DeltaE drops to 4.4 – a magnificent score.


The Realme 6i packs the recently presented MediaTek Helio G80 – a gaming-driven SoC for spending purposes. It is created on the 12nm FinFET fabricating process from TSMC.

The Helio G80 packs an octa-center CPU with two elite Cortex-A75 centers ticking at 2.00GHz and six vitality effective Corext-A55 centers working at 1.8GHz.

The Mali-G52 MC2 GPU is accountable for illustrations, and every one of its two centers is timed at 1000MHz (Kirin 810 G52 ones tick at 820MHz). These ought to give extraordinary execution on the 720p screen.

The Realme 6i here packs 4GB of RAM and has 128GB capacity, yet a 3GB+64GB model exists on certain business sectors.

The compound AnTuTu test puts the Realme 6i behind the Realme 6 and 6 Pro, however that is justifiable – it has mediocre GPU crude execution and a somewhat lesser primary processor. The exhibition is more than sufficient for the class, however.

In fact, the Realme 6 and 6 Pro use more up to date superior A76 centers, in addition to all centers run quicker. The Realme 6i has A75+A55, indeed – enough for the spending class and no one ought to encounter bottlenecks with this processor.

The crude execution of the double center Mali-G52 is in fact average, best case scenario.

Fortunately, the Realme 6i has a lower goals screen (720p), and the onscreen tests show it is an incredible gaming gadget for the class and gives a similar realistic punch as its Realme 6 kin. Pleasant!

Because of the 720p presentation, the Realme 6i ended up being a magnificent entertainer. It won’t stop for a second whatever the job needing to be done, yet in particular – the 6i ought to give unrivaled execution to this sub €200 spending class.


The Realme 6i is controlled by a monstrous 5,000 mAh battery. The telephone bolsters 18W quick energizing – from the 10W accessible on the Realme 5 and 3. The packaged 18W charger reestablishes about 33% of the battery in a short time and half quickly. Not actually quick, however as quick as you can expect in this value portion.

The Realme 6i scored an extraordinary outcome in our battery test with a 186-hour Endurance rating – it beat our untouched battery life outline. It worked superbly over all test situations – video playback, calls, web perusing, and showed practically perpetual reserve (similarly as Realme guaranteed).

Our best theory is that this incredible outcome ought to be similarly credited over the enormous battery limit, the low presentation goals, and the force productivity of the new Mediatek Helio G80 chipset.


Realme 6i packs a quad-camera arrangement on the back, with a comparative plan to the Realme 5 cameras. Through and through you’ll see a ultrawide shooter, the essential camera, at that point comes the profundity sensor, and the last one is a large scale snapper.

The principle camera utilizes on the 48MP 1/2.25″ (most likely Sony) sensor with 0.8µm pixels and Quad Bayer channel and sits behind a f/1.8 28mm focal point. It’s intended to shoot in binned 12MP mode, and this is the thing that you get as a default yield.

The 119-degree ultrawide-edge camera has a 8MP sensor (1.12µm pixels) with a f/2.3 opening – and this camera is by all accounts indistinguishable over all ongoing Realme telephones. There is programmed contortion amendment applied when vital.

The 2MP monochrome unit is designated “Representation camera,” instead of only a profundity sensor. It unquestionably assists with the bokeh rendering, yet purportedly, it’s likewise used to upgrade the difference of the last photograph.

At long last, there’s the 2MP full scale camera (the pixels on the sensor are very enormous, 1.75µm). Its focal point has fixed concentration at 4cm away with the goal that you can get truly near your subjects.

We should discuss the picture quality at this point. The 48MP primary camera spares 12MP pictures as a matter of course, and the photographs look great. There is sufficient detail, however not praiseworthy, differentiate is extraordinary and the hues are exact. The commotion appears to be quite low in such splendid bright days, and the dynamic range is wide enough for us never to trigger HDR physically.

Much the same as with past Realme snappers, here the foliage rendering is a long way from perfect and could utilize a few upgrades in the preparing.

Realme’s Chroma support mode upgrades immersion marginally and makes for to some degree livelier shots. On the off chance that you need your hues to pop (yet nothing preposterous), you might need to attempt it. It works by stacking pictures of various presentation so it additionally builds dynamic range and you may get some improvement with previosly cut features.

An as far as anyone knows full-res 48MP is accessible, however while it will give you a 48MP picture – it’s only a basic upscale on the default 12MP picture, which means it’s pointless.

Realme 6i offers 2x and 5x zoom flips on the viewfinder, yet the zoom is absolutely computerized. Also, since there is no genuine demosaicing 48MP mode, shooting in 48MP and afterward editing its middle won’t yield preferable outcomes over the ones you see underneath.

The photographs from the ultrawide camera are very useful for this class – the dynamic range is more extensive than expected, the difference is incredible and the hues – vivacious – regardless of whether somewhat over-soaked. The detail is not all that much, yet in line or stunningly better than numerous contenders from a similar class.

Realme 6i has a 2MP large scale camera, and we snapped two or three shots. You ought to get in truly near the subject however, unequivocally 4cm way, and still, the detail isn’t excessively extraordinary, and the photographs are very dull.

Night mode is available on the Realme 6i, and it drastically improves the introduction and lights up the splendid skies. Be that as it may, that is about it – you won’t get progressively settled detail, better hues, or less clamor. We’ve seen other Realme telephones improve and we are somewhat baffled with the 6i.

The Realme 6i, much the same as the Realme 6, has a 16MP f/2.0 selfie camera with fixed core interest. On the product side, there are a wide range of beatification upgrade choices like skin smoothing and eye augmentation and face diminishing, and so forth.

When there is sufficient light, you’ll get excellent selfies despite the fact that they are not point by point. The hues are decent, and the difference is incredible. The last selfie was shot in HDR.The Realme 6i catches just 1080p recordings at 30fps with its principle and ultrawide cameras. No 60fps choice is accessible. There are no codec choices. Picture adjustment isn’t accessible, either.

The 1080p clasps from the primary camera show great detail, exact hues, and high difference even in such terrible climate. The dynamic range is additionally quite acceptable.


The Realme 6i is among the first Realme gadgets to boot Android 10 with the spic and span Realme UI launcher. The creator has guaranteed us another interpretation of ColorOS that is made by Oppo, and with the latest Series 6 and X50 it most likely conveyed.

The new launcher looks a great deal like vanilla Android with straightforward homescreens, shortsighted notice/flips zone, and simple to-utilize task switcher. An App cabinet is accessible, as well, and it is as mess free as one could seek after.

The new Realme UI bolsters diverse symbol packs, so in the event that you are not content with the default one, you can decide on material style, rocks, or you can even completely tweak them by your enjoying.

There are a ton of amazing assets inside the settings menu on the off chance that you need full authority over your Android OS. Or on the other hand you can leave everything with no guarantees and appreciate bother free Android experience upgraded by Realme’s AI calculations and AI.

The interactive media applications, for example, Gallery, Music, and Videos – are given by Realme. There is additionally an updated File Manager and even a Phone Manager application. What’s more, with that, the non-Google application list is finished.

Contingent upon the market, your Realme 6i could conceivably accompany some pre-introduced outsider applications that might possibly show irritating notices. Most dire outcome imaginable, you’d need to cripple or evacuate such applications and administrations.

Should I Buy It?

The Realme 6i is a decent spending telephone, however not the best without a doubt. While it offers enough punch for without hiccup gaming, on a huge screen at that, somewhere else it leaves us needing for additional.

Our point is that Realme is as of now selling a vastly improved telephone at about a similar cost – the Realme 6 with a 90Hz showcase and the far substandard 6i will be an extreme deal for the creator until it presents a sensible value cut.


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