Realme X50 Pro 5G Review

by MD News Desk May 20, 2020

The Good

Large AMOLED, HDR10+, 90Hz, very bright
Cutting-edge performance
Blazing-fast charging

The Bad

Proper IP rating would have been better
No OIS on main camera
No 4K at 60fps, no EIS on 4K at 30fps

The Bottom Line

Splash-resistant body with matte Gorilla Glass

8.8out of 10


  • Display6.44 inches
  • Rear Camera64 MP/12 MP/8 MP/2 MP
  • Front Camera32 MP/8 MP
  • ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 865
  • Resolution1080 x 2400
  • RAM6GB/8GB/12GB
  • Operating SystemAndroid 10
  • Storage128GB/256GB
  • Battery4200 mAh
  • WaterproofYes
  • Dual SimYes
  • Quick ChargingYes


Each 2020 leader needs to meet certain desires, and the Realme X50 Pro plan rotates around those. The X50 was worked by the book – it’s a glass-sandwich telephone with metal casing and enamoring hues. There are stylish bends on the sides and the back, and an almost bezel-less screen at the front. This is the stuff to merit a warm gathering and the Realme has taken care of business.

The X50 Pro, either in Rusty Red or Moss Green, is remarkably enough to stick out. Certainly, we can get behind the idea of the glass-sandwich configuration being outstayed its welcome, yet until a superior and progressively significant idea impacts the world forever, the glass telephones will stay to manage the market.

One thing the Realme X50 Pro can gloat with is the matt completion on the back glass. It’s extremely ideal to take a gander at and surprisingly better to feel it while dealing with the telephone. The glass, particularly when cold, feels like metal but it’s not, and takes into account these different layers of semi-straightforward paint to mysteriously sew this corroded red shading you are seeing.

The matt completion advances onto the aluminum outline making for a consistent plan, wonderfully executed and sturdily created out Gorilla Glass 5.

The Realme X50 Pro has a totally level front -‘s everything screen secured with Gorilla Glass 5. The showcase utilizes a 6.44″ OLED board with circular indent for the double selfie camera. What’s more, it’s a genuine double arrangement with customary and ultrawide snappers, so we’d think of it as a reasonable exchange for the missing pixels.

The earpiece is scratched inside the screen encase, a typical method these days, and it’s very slim and all around covered. Fortunately it likewise serves as a speaker, quite uproarious at that, thus the X50 Pro can boast with a sound system speaker arrangement.

The showcase conceals more premium treats than meet the eye. First – it underpins 90Hz invigorate rate, which means it can show 90fps gave the GPU can deal with (it can). What’s more, second, underneath that brilliant OLED screen is the quickest optical unique finger impression scanner accessible at the present time – a similar you’d find on the OnePlus 7T and Realme X2 arrangement.

The back Gorilla Glass 5 is eye-snappy, regardless of whether it’s green or red, and it is twisted towards the casing. Such bends turned out to be well known of late and there is a valid justification – this kind of shape is viewed as premium as it is increasingly costly to make, in addition to it compensates for a slimmer profile and progressively wonderful, regardless of whether dangerous, taking care of.

The four cameras at the back offer one vertical protuberance. First is the 12MP tele shooter, trailed by the 64MP essential, at that point comes the 8MP ultrawide snapper, lastly is the 2MP profundity sensor. The knock is shockingly short, yet at the same time enough to make the X50 wobble on a work area.

The metal casing is marginally bended and has the pleasant matte completion we encountered on the back. On account of this non-polished diligence the Realme X50 Pro has a sense of safety close by than the normal glass telephones and gives you simply enough genuine feelings of serenity so you may dump the gave case.

The base of the X50 Pro has the USB-C port, the SIM plate, the mouthpiece and here is additionally the subsequent speaker. The volume keys are on the left, while the force key is on the privilege and has a slight yellow line for reasons unknown (not that we are whining).

The Realme X50 Pro was made in accordance with the present measures for both shape and size and no one will have any issues with it, except if you are sitting tight for the following iPhone SE to spring up. The telephone feels slim and light enough, while taking care of it is out and out an excellent arrangement. The one thing we miss is appropriate water security, yet we surmise on such a low value we got an unexpected end result.


One of the key highlights of the Realme X50 Pro 5G is its 90Hz screen. It utilizes a 6.44″ AMOLED board of expanded 1080p goals (2,400 x 1,080 px) that has an oval pattern around the upper left corner to clear a path for the two selfie snappers.

Gorilla Glass 5 is answerable for the screen assurance against splits and scratches, yet Realme is applying a slim defender in the industrial facility for some additional security out of the container.

The Realme X50 Pro presentation bolsters a 90Hz revive rate like the Realme X2 Pro. You can pick between 60Hz, 90Hz, and Auto Select invigorate from show settings.

The board additionally underpins HDR10+ and expresses gratitude toward Widevine L1 DRM support, you will have the option to appreciate high-res HDR content from Netflix and the preferences on the Realme X50 Pro.

The presentation maximizes at 525 nits of brilliance when balanced physically, and when set to the Auto setting and confronted with splendid light, it will go as high as 635 nits. These are some extraordinary numbers for an OLED screen, and you will never be confronted with a diminish picture, regardless of the light conditions.

The base splendor we had the option to gauge on the X50 Pro screen is 4 nits – not the most reduced we’ve seen from an AMOLED.

The screen is tuned to consent to the DCI-P3 (Vivid) and sRGB (Natural) shading spaces. The precision is acceptable – the Vivid profile isn’t excessively soaked; shading is sufficiently punchy yet not overpowering. As a rule is the situation with a more siphoned up profile, whites lean somewhat to blue (cool white). In this mode, we estimated a normal shading deviation of deltaE 4.8 and a most extreme deviation of 10 at white shading.

The Natural profile yields a similar shading exactness scores: it has a normal deltaE of 4.7 and a maximum deltaE of 9.9 at point white, which by and by inclines towards blue.

You can utilize the shading temperature slider, and its Warmest setting yields marginally better outcomes with normal deltaE of 3.6 for DCI-P3 and 3.2 for sRGB. The blue tinge is gone here as the whites in the two modes are significantly more exact (deltaE of 6 and 5.6).


The Realme X50 Pro is among the first cell phones we meet running on the new Snapdragon 865 chip. It additionally includes Qualcomm’s X55 modem that includes undeniable 5G availability.

The Snapdragon 865 has another octa-center processor with a recognizable center design – 1×2.84 GHz Kryo 585 Gold (Cortex-A77 subordinate) and 3×2.42 GHz Kryo 585 Gold (Cortex-A77 subsidiary) and 4×1.8 GHz Kryo 585 Silver (Cortex-A55 subsidiary).

The Adreno 650 is a piece of the Snapdragon 865 and ought to carry the gaming prospects to another level.

The Snapdragon 865 chip underpins LPDDR5 RAM, and the Realme X50 Pro is accessible with 6, 8, or even 12GB of LPDDR5. The capacity alternatives are 128GB and 256GB, and the capacity is of the UFS 3.0 kind.

At long last, the Snapdragon 865 is created on TSMC’s 7nm assembling process, same as the Snapdragon 855.

Realme has another five-dimensional cooling framework for the X50 Pro. It contains a fume chamber and numerous layers of strong graphite and it covers the whole chip region.


The Realme X50 Pro packs a 4,200 mAh battery. It is the primary telephone to help the new 65W SuperDart charge and the 65W charger is a piece of the retail pack. Realme guarantees it will completely revive the battery in 35 mins. What’s more, we can affirm it fills 99% of its dead battery in 35 mins, while a full charge is accomplished around the 38 minute mark. Impressive surely!

The Realme X50 Pro likewise bolsters all past VOOC quick charging alternatives, just as USB-PD, so in the event that you are fine without the charging speed that solitary 65W VOOC 2.0 gives, you can accuse it of whatever quick charger you have lying around. For whatever length of time that it is anything but a remote charger that is – as the Realme X50 Pro doesn’t bolster that.

We’ve finished our battery tests, and the outcomes are excellent. The telephone can last you north of 13 hours of web surfing, or over 17 hours of playing recordings. The 3G talk time isn’t marvelous, and nor is the reserve execution – and these prompted a piece lower than anticipated, yet excellent continuance rating of 88 hours.


The Realme X50 Pro lifts its principle camera arrangement from the X2 Pro – it has a high-res essential shooter, an ultrawide snapper, a tele cam for 2x zoom, and a profundity sensor for pictures. That is basically the customary definition for the 4-camera courses of action and Realme clearly got things done right.

The essential camera utilizes Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 1/1.72″ sensor with 0.8µm pixels, Quad-Bayer channel, and f/1.8 26mm focal point. Stage identity self-adjust is accessible.

There is likewise a 8MP snapper with f/2.3 13mm focal point for ultrawide photographs. It additionally includes stage identify self-adjust and as a result of it – this 8MP cam is likewise utilized for overly full scale snaps. Decent!

The Realme X50 Pro highlights a 12MP image behind f/2.5 52mm focal point for 2x zoomed photographs. It can do 5X crossover zoom, whatever that implies, and furthermore 20X computerized zoom. Stage discovery AF is accessible here too.

The fourth and last snapper is the 2MP profundity sensor without shading channel, which Realme calls picture focal point. It should help support the differentiation while helping the fundamental camera and improve retro impacts on the off chance that you choose to apply such.

The three dynamic shooters all help AI Color – this was recently known as Dazzle Color or Chroma Boost. Notwithstanding progressively immersed hues, it likewise applies HDR when important. At the point when light is low, however, AI Color really triggers Nightscape mode. What’s more, discussing…

There is another night mode – Nightscape 3.0. It works like previously – taking a few snaps with various introduction and join them together. Also, it deals with each of the three cameras – fundamental, ultrawide, and zoom (despite the fact that 2x is typically upscale from the principle cam). Be that as it may, it has another Tripod mode – on the off chance that you leave the telephone on a tripod it can go for up to 50 seconds for some stunning shots. We can hardly wait to test this!

There are two selfie shooters at the front however none of them highlights self-adjust. In any case, the essential is a 32MP Sony IMX616 Quad-Bayer sensor with f/2.5 focal point, while the auxiliary is a 8MP imager behind f/2.2 focal point for 105â° ultrawide selfies.

In the Pro mode you get the opportunity to change presentation (ISO in the 100-3200 territory and screen speed in the 1/8000s-32s territory), white parity (by light temperature, yet no presets), manual center (in discretionary 0 to 1 units with 0 being close concentration and 1 being vastness) and introduction remuneration (- 2EV to +2EV in 1/6EV additions). You can utilize Pro with each of the three cameras, however the shade speed for the ultrawide snapper maximizes at 1/2s.

The Realme X50 Pro primary camera spares 16MP photographs as a matter of course and those are incredible – the detail is plenteous, the hues exact, differentiate is phenomenal, and the dynamic range is very high.

There is some clamor noticeable in zones of uniform shading, yet it doesn’t disrupt the general flow.

The foliage isn’t the best we’ve seen – the high multifaceted nature detail – grass and the tree limbs – gets spread by the calculation. If we somehow managed to figure – every many-sided thing are confused with commotion or the pixel binning simply isn’t as great. In any case, the photographs are as yet extraordinary at this cost tag and we’d state they are entirely near current bests.

Computer based intelligence Color is the thing that Realme presently calls the old Dazzle Color and Chroma Boost. This is essentially a HDR more with an extra shading immersion relying upon the scene – Skies, Greenary, Buildings, and so forth.

The photographs with AI Color do introduce a lot livelier hues, however we don’t figure this unreasonable look will be some tea.

Taking shots at the greatest 64MP goals is conceivable and this will net you some additional detail, for the most part in foliage, under the correct conditions. All things considered, there’s a significant cost to be paid as far as commotion – full-res shots have a great deal of it, they are more slow to take, and eat up somewhere in the range of 15 and 35 MB of room. We’d adhere to the 16MP default mode.

The 8MP cam with the ultrawide focal point does a generally excellent activity – the detail is useful for the ultrawide purposes, the hues are near the genuine article regardless of whether somewhat cleaned out, and the dynamic range is higher than what we typically get from such snappers. The 8MP ultrawide snaps are without clamor and by and large – among the better ones we’ve seen among the 8MP shooters.

The 8MP ultrawide camera underpins self-adjust and, notwithstanding the consistently on center shots, you can get truly near a subject (4cm) and take some full scale photographs like the ones underneath. Detail isn’t perfect, yet they would at present accomplish for the intermittent ladybug or desert plant.

The 12MP photographs from the zoom camera are somewhat uproarious however showing lead level of detail. The foliage introduction is better here, the sharpness – on the money, the difference and hues – magnificent, and the dynamic range is quite extraordinary.

The Realme X50 Pro shoots pictures with its fundamental 64MP snapper and with the assistance of the 2MP alleged representation camera. Realme says this minuscule camera isn’t only a profundity sensor but at the same time is utilized to improve the differentiation of the said pictures.

The X50 Pro performs excellent when the light is low, despite the fact that we’ve seen better from some ongoing Galaxy and Xiaomi telephones. Anyway, the detail is sufficient and there is heaps of clamor left, yet the photographs show exceptional shading immersion and difference, and great unique range.

Nightscape does a great scribble in improving the ultrawide shots and it isn’t at the cost of stopping for 10 seconds. The pictures are more brilliant and have higher powerful range, the captured detail is more, as well. The hues and differentiation improve also and, at long last, – if ultrawide picture is an absolute necessity – Nightscape is the thing that you have to hit the nail on the head.

The principle selfie camera on Realme X50 Pro has a 32MP sensor behind 26mm f/2.5 focal point, while the auxiliary snapper is a 8MP 17mm f/2.2 shooter for ultrawide selfies. There is no self-adjust on either shooter.

The picture nature of the selfies is excellent. The settled detail is normal, however everything else is brilliant – differentiate, hues, dynamic. We presume this 32MP sensor is of the Quad Bayer kind – along these lines the diminished detail in full goals – and for the record – we would have been extremely happy with 8MP wakes up from this 32MP sensor.

The 8MP ultrawide selfies accompanied excellent detail, as well, and they show sublime differentiation and hues. In general – the whole selfie experience on the Realme X50 Pro left us just with positive impressions.

The Realme X50 Pro records video at up to 2160p with its primary camera, which can likewise record 1080p at both 30fps and 60fps. The ultrawide-point and fax cams top out at 1080p/30fps. You get the chance to pick between the h.264 and h.265 codecs, as well.

The fundamental camera catches point by point enough 4K film however at 50Mbps piece rate we expected more. Hues are pleasingly immersed without going to limits and the difference is decent. The dynamic range could have been higher, yet it’s not terrible either.

The 1080p clasps at 30fps aren’t showing a lot of detail either, some over-honing is at play, while the hues and dynamic range are a counterpart for the 4K film.

At long last, the 1080p at 60fps recordings, despite the fact that took shots at the equivalent 20Mbps piece rate as the 30fps, are to some degree more extravagant in detail and the sharpness is perfect. We think the consistently on EIS of the 30fps clasps is to be faulted for the said flaws.


The Realme X50 Pro sudden spikes in demand for Android 10 cleaned with the fresh out of the box new Realme UI. The producer has guaranteed us another interpretation of ColorOS that is made by Oppo and with the latest Realme 6 and X50 arrangement it definitely conveyed.

To begin with, consistently on screen is accessible (canceled Screen) and it can show the typical substance – clock, date, notices symbols, battery. Or then again you can settle on your own mantra (for example Set out to Leap) and see just this message when the screen is off.

You can likewise turn screen light impacts for new notices, which is considerably more battery sparing than having an AOD screen and you can completely alter it. This likewise compensates for the absence of committed notice LED.

The new launcher looks a great deal like vanilla Android with straightforward homescreens, oversimplified notice/flips territory, and simple to utilize task switcher. Application cabinet is accessible, as well, and it is as mess free as one could seek after.

There are a great deal of incredible assets inside the settings menu on the off chance that you need full power over your Android OS. Or on the other hand you can leave everything with no guarantees and appreciate bother free Android experience improved by Realme’s AI calculations and AI.

Like the ongoing Galaxies, the Realme UI offers a Smart Sidebar on the edge of the screen – you can modify the activities and application easy routes that show up there.

The sight and sound applications, for example, Gallery, Music, and Videos – are given by Realme. There is likewise an overhauled File Manager and even a Phone Manager application. This finishes the non-Google application list.

At last, the Realme UI underpins 90Hz and is shown with 90fps – which means it looks rich, smooth and bursting quick.

Should I Buy It?

The Realme X50 Pro is one of the least expensive Snapdragon 865 cell phones you can purchase today. Top this with a 90Hz OLED screen, and we presumably have an arrangement. Particularly when its focus on European cost is about €600, while somewhere else it very well may be bought for as low as $650.

Furthermore, the Realme X50 Pro is an undeniable leader telephone instead of a mid-officer with a lead chip ala Pocophone. It has one extremely brilliant AMOLED HDR10+ screen with 90Hz invigorate rate, 5G availability, quick stockpiling, skilled camera packs on the two sides, and bursting quick charging.

The Realme X50 Pro additionally grabbed our eye with its extraordinary sounding sound system speakers, quick unique mark peruser, and the exquisite Realme UI. One thing that is undetectable to the unaided eye, however wallet-accommodating, is the upgraded sprinkle opposition regardless of whether the X50 Pro doesn’t have an official IP rating.

Along these lines, indeed, we can see the Realme X50 Pro 5G getting probably the best arrangement on the lead executioner market, and it would merit it.


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