• Protective cases offer hide the design elements
  • An official battery pack case is also a part of the list
  • Exquisite covers are good to look at, but, have very little protection

Apple introduced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in India last year and since its launch, there were a number of speculations with regards to its design being strikingly similar to the iPhone 6. But, no matter what, the size of the iPhone 7, is exactly the same as that of the iPhone 6. But, the first thing one should ideally do after purchasing a new phone is to buy a case or cover based on their need. Some people prefer to have a style quotient over practical bits like a power bank in the phone’s case, while others consider the latter. Since smartphones are more prone to damage over conventional old-school models, some users also prefer to keep armoured cases that prevent damage by absorbing impact. There are a plethora of options that one can choose from in the aftermarket in particular. In case you are looking out for an iPhone cover, here is a list of the top iPhone covers available in India right now

Dockem Leather Sleeve

Dockem Synthetic Leather Sleeve for iPhone

There are people who prefer to keep their phones without any covers. However, to avoid any scratches or scuffs, tuck in the phone neatly in a sleeve. The Dockem Leather Sleeve is an elegant looking sleeve that’s inexpensive and increases the style quotient. And since this sleeve isn’t fixed to your phone, the elegant looking lines of the Apple iPhone 7 remain untouched. This sleeve is finished in leather, although it isn’t a very high-quality one. Also, it can best be stated as an accessory of aesthetical value and there isn’t any protection offered by it.

Ranvoo Aluminium Bumper Case


If you want a case that protects your phone without spoiling the aesthetic appeal of the Apple iPhone 7. It is basically a cover that protects the sides of the phone without spoiling the aesthetic value. However, if you are looking a protective case which would offer all-around safety, it is best to refer to the next point as the back and the front are exposed in the Ranvoo Aluminium Bumper Case.

X-Doria Defence Case

This is one of the cases that would protect your phone from every angle possible. The screen is exposed like any other phone cover, however, the case extends on the sides so that it can protect the phone in case of a face down fall. The finish is excellent and the mix of metallic elements, rubber and hard plastic make it the right choice when someone prefers safety over style. Speaking of which, the case will make your phone heavy which means and somewhat limit its aesthetic appeal. But, then again, better to have an iPhone 7 intact that to have a broken one, right?

Official Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

This may be the most ill-designed Apple product ever as not only is it bulky, it also doesn’t any proportionate design. However, the Achilles Heel of the iPhone 7 or any other iPhone in the past is the battery backup. This is where this case is handy in terms of increasing the battery life. The case in question is Apple’s official Smart Battery case which packs an extra 2,365mAh battery for when you need it. This battery case may not be a pretty looking Apple product, but, is bound to be practical.
Price on Amazon: Rs 13,999 plus delivery charge

Belkin Sport-Fit Case

Are you a fitness enthusiast who pumps iron regularly, but, wants to keep a track of how much calories on your Apple iPhone 7. Even when you pair it with an Apple Watch, there are limitations of range as it gets connected to the phone via Bluetooth. So, there are two options in such a case, secure your phone in a pocket with zips or buy a Sport-Fit case. This is case developed by Belkin for the niche audience who wish to stay connected all the time, even while working out. It hugs the phone properly and one can wrap the cover around their forearm or arm with ease. The only limitation will be that it would not be a permanent case for your Apple iPhone 7.

So, there you have it! Enough choices for you to see what case or cover fits best for you. And if you’re thinking that Apple iPhone 7 is too delicate, it isn’t. It has comparable standard protection for the screen and other elements on the outside. In fact, this is the first time that Apple has introduced an iPhone with IP67 dust and water resistance. However, it would be wise to buy a case or a cover for added protection of your phone from harmful elements. In case you have any other covers or cases to suggest, do let us know in the comments section below.


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