• It will be the contemporary Dual-screen Smartphone
  • The ZTE Axon Multy will have foldable hinge dual-screens
  • Most probably to be launch in mid of October

After several rumors about foldable screen smartphone to be launch in collaboration between Samsung and LG. ZTE and AT&T have collaborated to produce the similar foldable device and finally they come up with Axon Multy. The ZTE and AT&T Axon Multy is expected to be launched in mid-October with the anticipated price tag of $650.

The ZTE Multy will fold on its vertical axis in order to offer both front and rear display. Unfold the screens and there will a hinge in between forming a 6-8 inch display (2,160 X 1,920) viewing area. Despite being its foldable capability, the Axon Multy thickness will remain under 10mm that is quite impressive.

Going to its leaked specification the phone doesn’t seem to have top-end features but it is still fascinating. It is expected that it will be featured with a Snapdragon 820 process, 4GB RAM and with internal storage of 32GB. A 3120mAh battery will power this smartphone, which will be responsible for providing power to both the screens. There is no speculation in the market about the expendable storage via MicoSD card.

Axon Multy
Photo Credit: Android Central

In the current generation, the camera is put on the top of the specification checklist. So, the ZTE Axon might be featured with a single 20MP camera, which will be the pivot and would be capable of working as both front and rear camera.

This astonishing masterpiece is expected to be launch with the price tag of $650 (approx. Rs 42,000) in the mid of next month. Its success rate depends on the seamless working of the hinge and the software. The fact is after unfolding it its display size is just half inch larger than the newly launched Note 8. The main question arises that the consumers would like a smartphone like this? Let’s see what this new product from ZTE and At&T bring for us, will it be the successful product for the brands?


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