• If your device doesn't respond, don't force restart, you may lose your data
  • The process for iPhone 7/7S is different from older models
  • Sometimes a force restart is the only last resort or option

Apple Inc has been taking out a host of products which have been known to be reliable as well as durable. However, despite the efforts by the American phone manufacturer, some customers can face issues such as a non-responsive iPhone or one with a sluggish response. The reasons are many which may include security issues or restrictions with certain apps on the device which may induce the device to act up. There are a number of ways one can do a hard reboot even using iTunes. However, what if there is a situation where a Hard Reboot or how it is infamously known as Hard Reset of a device has to be done without using an external source?

The method to Hard Reboot of an iPhone 7 or 7S is different from older devices or other models like iPad, but, it’s relatively simple. Before we get to the process, always remember not to force restart your device as you may lose your data or the update in your phone would become corrupt forever. That should always be kept as a last resort.

In order to reset an Apple iPhone 7 or 7S, press and hold the power or Sleep/Wake button as well as the volume down button simultaneously. Do not let go of these buttons until you see the Apple logo after which your device would start the Hard Reboot process. Ideally, it takes about 20 seconds where the screen would first go black and the Apple logo would pop-up. In some cases, the device may take numerous reboots before coming to the home screen. And in case you were wondering, what happens to your data, most of the times, it is safe.

For older models, the process is similar, except for the fact that one has to press and hold the home button with the power button. The device screen would first go blank, later on showing the Apple logo.

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For all devices, the system is the same. It basically is a command that instructs the device to check for any bugs and resolve them without the help of iTunes. In any case, there are incidents where a Hard Reboot is necessary due to the clutter of apps and the barrage of data, however, we hope that there isn’t need for you to Hard Reboot your device.


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