Facebook made two major changes to the user experience of it its website last year. First, it introduced the Snapchat like story feature in which users can upload photos, videos, text and graphics individually or together to create a story that will be visible to their friends for 24 hours only. The second was the throwback or “On This Day” feature which shows all the posts that user posted on that very specific date since the profile was created.

Everyone knows about these two features, but a secret feature which not everyone is aware of is what are discussing here. Yes, Facebook allows users to view each and every photo they have ever liked on Facebook. Not only you, it also let users view all the photos that their friends or spouse have liked. Many may object to this invasive feature but yes it does exists.


It may prove really helpful for people like me who keep on scrolling through awesome pet photos and keeps on liking and sharing them. The feature can be fun and embarrassment at the same time. So you can spend hours looking at pictures you’ve ever liked on Facebook and also unlike those that are an embarrassment.

To do so, you just need to enter “photos liked by me” in the Facebook search bar to view photos and posts liked by you. You can enter “photos liked by —” say “Ayush” to view all the photos liked by Ayush on Facebook.

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